Lycée polyvalent Henri Brisson


mercredi 28 décembre 2016 par Patrick Chunleau


Starting prompts :
- What is this object ?
- What do you use it for ?
- What do you do with this object ? / How do you use it ?

PHOTO 4 et 5 : THE CRUCIBLE : It is an object used to melt the metal alloys in. Its size can vary a lot. It must be put into the furnace. It is made of refracting stone. It can be heavy so most of the time it remains in the furnace and you must take the alloys from it with the help of a ladle. The crucible The laddle

PHOTO 6 : THE PATTERN (THE MODEL) : It is an object on which you pour some sand into the frame. It is made of wood, wax, steel or resin and you can get the print cavity in the sand. Then you get your pattern out of the sand to cast the alloys into the cavity. the pattern (model)

PHOTO 7 : THE CORE AND THE CORE BOX : It is used to get a hole in your final product. It should be made of sand mixed with resin (but sometimes we can use a steel one). The core box is where you make your core in sand. The box is made by modellers and it is made out of wood (like the pattern). The core and the core box

PHOTO 8 : THE SIEVE : This is a sieve and we have to use it to get as thin a sand as possible when preparing the first part of the mold. The sieved sand forms the nearest layer to the pattern inserted inside the frame. You don’t have to sieve all the sand. We can also stir the sand with a wooden object. We mustn’t mix it directly with our hands because it can hurt and spoil your hands. The sieve

Students of foundry and their professors : V Lemaire and P Chunleau

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